Using GOOGLE PLUS to get noticed by Search Engines

I love Google Plus.   (I will call it G+ for most of the rest of the article) If G+ had arrived before Facebook, there would be no Facebook. Though it's known as a social networking site, I won't focus on that for now. I want to focus on a great side benefit for posting things on there. 

Here is how it will help you get free publicity: Get on Google plus and post a nice little "status update" (a facebook term) simply telling about your station and where you are etc.  Use wording like, "Z-93.7 is THE Christian station in Anchorage that plays more variety of Christian Music."  Then add a few more words.

Now, remember who owns Google Plus? It's Google. The largest search engine in the world. SO less than a week later, your post will show up in Google search engines when somebody types "Christian radio for Anchorage."   Great publicity and it didn't cost you a penny. 

Finally, YOU DO need to connect with other radio people and be talking to RADIO people about "radio things." And you want to see what they are saying and doing. G+ allows you to do that. Just create a CIRCLE titled for your radio friends. THEN you can send ONLY "radio related" messages that go ONLY to them. AND you will (ideally) see ONLY radio related messages from them.

To get started, just open a Google account. Meaning: get a gmail address. Even if you don't ever use the gmail address, you then forever have access to other Google features like Google plus. 

-Rick McConnell