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Overhaul or tune up your Christian station with Airshow Christian Radio imaging and programming package. Since 1998, the AIRSHOW package has been the #1 package in Christian Radio. Enhance and beef up your station's image with over 35 sweepers, rejoins, promos, humor, financial support promos and more. Voiced by one of the top major market voices in Christian Radio: Rick McConnell.
You want to big voice for your station to really set it apart. The AIRSHOW package makes Rick McConnell your station's voice. 

  • FREE 100 customized features at NO charge or obligation. 
  • Access to over 10 other top voices for your other station needs
  • A consulting report giving tips to overhaul or tweak your station.
  • A page or two of FREE voice work by Rick McConnell ( A $150 value) 
  • Access to MANY consulting articles, videos and podcasts to build your station
  • Free downloads to give to your listeners for giveaways and financial support
  • Other GREAT resources to build your station.
  • The LARGEST Christian radio imaging package on the planet. 
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Christian Radio Imaging for YOUR radio station from Airshow. 


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    18 Consulting Podcasts that will get your station on track

    Want to overhaul your station? Starting a station from scratch? Want to make sure you are getting the basics down right to increase listeners? Listen to these 18 powerful podcasts by Rick McConnell:  (click to listen) 

    1) Programming by INSTINCT! (A big mistake in programming.) 

    2) Why you need to have top notch production (and how to get there) 

    3) How to use THE CLOUD to get your staff and radio station organized and streamlined.

    4) Multitasking: How it's killing the effectiveness and energy of your station 

    5) Ministry: Why and How you should be doing it effectively on your station. 

    6) The Message of Jesus in the Age of Terrorism. (How it affects YOUR station) 

    7) Station Promos: Why you need regular "ALL ENCOMPASSING" Promos

    8) Announcer Tips. After decades of announcing, here is Rick's best advice. 

    9) How to be a more interesting PERSON to be a better ANNOUNCER! 

    10) Relationships with Local Churches. Why it's VITAL for your survival. 

    11) How to respond when a big Crisis or Disaster hits your community. 

    12) How to DELEGATE more minor work to avoid burning out your staff. 

    13) DO LESS! (The secret key to being a better happier radio station!) 

    14) DO LESS (part two...because it's such a big problem in Christian radio) 

    15) 4 Ways you Managers and Program Directors fool themselves.

    16) STOP SETS and COMMERCIAL BREAKS: How to do them right

    17) ANNOUNCER/ STAFF INCOME. Solutions to a COMMON problem (part 1) 

    18) ANNOUNCER/ STAFF INCOME Solutions (part 2) 

    Want to get more resources for your Christian station? visit our website:  
        MONUMENTAL STUDIOS, Denver.   Or email Rick: